Clinical Epidemiology Learning and Research Centre

The Registry office has established the ‘ERA-EDTA Registry Clinical Epidemiology Learning and Research Centre’ hosting visiting researchers from all across Europe cross-fertilizing (inter)national clinical knowledge and research skills. In addition, it hosts ERA-EDTA educational fellows.

In the past 5 years, about 20 visiting researchers performed a research project at the ERA-EDTA Registry or the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry. A selection of them is presented below:

  • Jerome Harambat (France)
  • Elke Wühl (Germany)
  • Inna Kolesnyk (Ukraine)
  • Enrico Vidal (Italy)
  • Bart Koopmans (The Netherlands)
  • Marie Evans (Sweden)

If you are interested to visit the ERA-EDTA Registry as a visiting researcher, please contact Kitty Jager at to receive instructions for submission of a research proposal.