Technical Information

The data that are provided by the registries are imported into a MS-SQL-server database. The data are stored in a fixed format and uniformisation steps are performed during the import procedure. This guarantees a uniform view on the data for each country.

The data model used is quite simple: basically, there are five entities:
PATIENTS A table which contains data regarding individual patients.
TRANSACTIONS This table contains data regarding treatments and other events.
TRANSFERS IN This table contains the origin of patients that are transferred into the reporting registry's region.
TRANSFERS OUT This table contains the destination of patients that are transferred out of the reporting registry's region.
DEATHS In this table the date and cause of death are recorded.

The registry data are imported using a locally developed import utility. This program first uniforms the data, then translates any non-standard codes. After the translations, the data are checked and finally imported into the database. The program performs extensive logging and the logging results can be used for feedback to the registries concerning inconsistencies, or other problems in the data.