The EURODOPPS is keen to receive proposals from external investigators for possible analyses. More information on the available data is can be found on the DOPPS website. Please note that in comparison with previous years there are some important changes in the level of support given by the Registry in the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, location AMC in Amsterdam (details below).

If you are interested in performing a study on EURODOPPS data, then please contact dr. Anneke Kramer of the ERA-EDTA Registry at She can clarify, for example, available data items and completeness. Decisions concerning approval of research proposals will be based on published and on-going EURODOPPS analyses and data availability.

As EURODOPPS data cannot leave the AMC, investigators will need to visit the AMC to perform their analyses. The Registry staff will provide investigators with a data set. In addition, they will receive assistance in writing the paper from the EURODOPPS Oversight Committee (EDOC). Assistance with the statistics and interpretation of the results is, however, unavailable. For that reason, visiting researchers need to have proven extensive experience in statistical analyses, preferably in SAS or STATA, so that they can work on their own. In addition, they should plan to stay at least 6 weeks to work on the analyses in AMC.

Funding for such internships can be sought from local or national sources or from the annual ERA-EDTA travel fellowship scheme (Registry Fellowships -