Dear Colleagues and Friends,

These are unprecedented times. The ERA-EDTA Registry has taken the opportunity to create a place on this website to bring together information on renal registry initiatives related to COVID-19. We have asked our colleagues all over Europe to let us know about such national or regional initiatives.

On this page we will publish the names of countries and regions together with names and email addresses of contact persons, so that you can be in touch should you wish to exchange information.

Some countries have provided us with the questionnaires they are using for data collection. We have also published these questionnaires on this website. This creates the possibility to streamline European data collection so that - in case national numbers will be insufficient - investigators can pool their data and get out good research. Please note that you don't need to complete these questionnaires - they are just for information. However, if you would like to join a particular data collection, please get in touch with the person responsible in that country.


Kitty Jager and Ziad Massy

Cases Deaths
Country Dialysis Transplantation Dialysis Transplantation Last update
Albania 0 0 0 0 01/04/2020
Austria 34 6 7 0 07/04/2020
Belgium, French speaking 107 20 06/04/2020
Cyprus 2 0 0 0 31/03/2020
Estonia 0 1 0 0 20/03/2020
Finland 0 0 0 0 27/03/2020
France 851 259 123 27 06/04/2020
Israel 3 0 0 0 23/03/2020
Italy * 577 147 04/06/2020
North Macedonia 0 1 0 0 26/03/2020
Serbia 4 0 0 0 27/03/2020
Slovenia 4 2 1 0 31/03/2020
Spain 172 62 44 6 30/03/2020
When cells are left empty, the data are unavailable
* Data concerning 52% of the dialysis population

Country contacts related to COVID-19 data collection

Country / region Contact person Email address
Albania Alma Idrizi
Austria Julia Kerschbaum &
Reinhard Kramar &
Belgium - French-speaking Frederic Collart
Bosnia and Herzegovina Halima Resic
Bulgaria Evgueniy Vazelov
Denmark Kristine Hommel
Estonia Mai Rosenberg
Finland Jaakko Helve
France Cécile Couchoud
Germany Elion Hoxha
Greece Mr Stavroulopoulos
Italy Maurizio Nordio
North Macedonia Nikola Gjorgjievski
Norway Anders Åsberg
Portugal Ana Galvão
Romania Liliana Garneata
Russia Elena Zakharova
Spain Emilio Sanchez &
María Dolores del Pino &
Spain (Asturias) Marta Rodríguez Camblor
Spain (Navarre) Maria Fernanda Slon Roblero
The Netherlands Marc Hemmelder
United Kingdom James Medcalf
United Kingdom (Scotland) Samira Bell

More contacts will be added as soon as we receive the information

Questionnaires used for local data collection