ERA-EDTA Registry
The ERA-EDTA Registry is located at the department of Medical Informatics, Amsterdam University Medical Center, location Academical Medical Center. The Registry is staffed by 8 employees and 1 advisor, most of them working part-time for the Registry.
Kitty Jager, MD, PhD
Director | PI | Senior Epidemiologist
Vianda Stel, PhD
Senior Epidemiologist
Anneke Kramer, PhD
Data lead | Senior Medical Informatician
Nick Chesnaye, PhD
EQUAL coordinator | Epidemiologist
Jizzo Bosdriesz, PhD
Rianne Boenink, MSc
PhD student | Epidemiologist
Arno Weerstra, MSc
Software Engineer
Gita Guggenheim
Ronald Cornet, PhD
IT advisor | Senior Medical Informatician